Social media is the new media of today!

Social media will have 2 billion users by 2016. Social media may limit your thoughts to 140 characters, however, no amount of words can stress on the importance of the medium. People promote brands, encourage conversations and discussions, why, they even build brands via social media.

1. Win with Social Media


Fact: 9 out of 10 marketers consider social media marketing to be one of the biggest indicators of the success of any marketing endeavor.

Your competition is using social media. Hurry up, before its social frenzy sweeps off your brand! Remember: the massive camera maker Kodak also forgot to rightly catch up on the digicam trend, and hence lost out in competition.

2. Traditional Marketing May Soon Die



Fact: 73% of adults use social media networks.

If you are still hell-bent on using traditional marketing, you have still not been able to see the writing on the wall. Who knows, 10 years from now, traditional marketing might not even exist.

3.50% of the Wealth Is Controlled By The Under 35s


Fact: Almost 70% of the under 35s are active on social media.

The fact that there is a huge chunk of your target audience on the web makes it almost essential to incorporate social media into your marketing campaign. The under 35s are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and WhatsApp at most times of the day, which makes it imperative for any serious marketer to reach out to them socially and drive the message home.

4. Social Media is A Relatively Cheaper Way Of Business Marketing


Fact: Social Media Helps You ScorePoints on SEO too.

Social Media is also linked with SEO, which makes it relatively cheaper to reach out to your audience. SEO is that magical algorithm that helps your website to come on the top ranks of all relevant Google Searches. And, you will be surprised to find out how closely social media marketing affects your SEO rank. Hence it is a no brainer that social media can actually help you in bettering your business prospects.

5. It Helps In Generating Leads



Fact: It can help interested parties to know all about you in their own network. 

You can save close to 80% of your costs in generating leads. Social media marketing can allow you to stand out in an already crowded marketplace, and help you in driving down the cost of lead generation. Hence, you can generate leads at a fraction of the offline costs.

6. It Gives You The Opportunity To Study Your Market Well


Fact: By gaining limited access to their profiles, you can actually study your market well.

Social media provides tools to research your market and customer-base. With easy access to profiles on mediums such as Facebook and Google +, you can access their Likes and Dislikes, their check-ins, etc., which help you understand your customer up-close and personal – and that too, at little or no cost.

7. You Can Create a Social Army


Increased satisfaction creates evangelists. They refer their friends to your service and the cycle goes on. That way, you create a fresh and pyramid-shaped customer base after regular intervals; making your business healthy. Nothing works better than word-of-mouth and social media makes for a perfect mouthpiece.


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