Social Media Experts should prepare for the “interview”

Serving drinks at the local bar was fun for a while, but the hangovers are just not part of the fun any more. Last night you spoke to a dude at the bar, who is earning a fabulous living, consulting other companies on Social Media. After checking up on his Twitter following and Facebook likes, you decide that this may be right up your alley. You are now a self professed media expert and the world is laden with promise.

So where do you start? The phone book looks a bit daunting and you are not really a cold call, call centre type!

My advice is for you to look to those whom you feel comfortable calling. ie your own address book. Look to speak to friends who own companies, or have a say in a company. Perhaps they have an allocated budget for print media and you can show them that they should become active in marketing to the new digital economy.

When “Uncle Jo” gives you the nod to come and see him, your work is far from done. Now it is time to do the following:

1. Have a look at his website. (if he has one) – What message is the site sending out? Are you able to summarise this into two sentences. If the answer is something along the lines of: “We have a site, because people need our phone number” , then you have something to discuss here.

2. Does his business have any engagement in Social Media? Facebook likes and the quality of the content posts are a good indicator of how well they understand this environment. Twitter followers, Instagram followers and even LinkedIn are bastions of Social Media engagement. See what they are doing and make your comments mentally.

3. Look at how you can improve the quality of the posts on Facebook. Do the image posts bear his company logo? Do the posts speak to the people for what they are? (people) Do the posts look like they will be re-posted, making that person look cool?

4. Twitter is the cocktail party of the internet. If you want to grow followers, you need to become a party goer and get talking to people…

If nothing else, the above suggestions are aimed at getting you talking. Once the dialogue is in progress, you can position yourself as the person who holds that elusive black box, the one that makes the magic happen. If Uncle Jo is a fantastic plumber or architect, tell him that he should concentrate on the trade that he has learnt, but convince him that the new world demands digital social interactions, and that you are the one to give him that.

Sign him up and you have your first account. You may still have to serve drinks for a little longer, but you are on your way!

Thorsten Eggert

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