Fixed mindset vs flexible mindset.

I started reading a book yesterday, that has really impressed me. It’s by Carol Dweck. She looks at two types of people. There are those that would like to be perfect, and then there are those who don’t care about being perfect. Who would you think is the better off in the long run?

On the surface, one may look at the person who is in pursuit of perfection, and opt for that one, but let me explain… Haven’t you found that sometimes you don’t do something, because you are nervous that you may look like a royal tit if you fail? So, instead of pushing through and expanding yourself, you actually take the safe road, and opt to do something that you can do easily and that will make you look good.

It’s the person that is prepared to look at a problem and, knowing that they may mess up, still attack the issue and go and figure it out, who will have the greater growth curve in the long run. The same applies to this world of the internet. There is so much to figure out, that we are prone so shying away from it. My advice to you, is to take the time to go and work it out. I have a to do list of about 10 things to do today. I can promise you that there are 5 of them, that I have no idea of how to do them. – But I figure that I can find the way. It may take me a little longer, but in the end, I can get it right and then have another little tool in my armoury.

This is such a huge topic, and one that I can go on talking about for hours. My advice to you, is this…

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. They make you stronger and keep you young. Stay curious and don’t worry about what other people think!


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