Is Facebook advertising for me?

I often get the “where do I start” look from people whom I am helping to get their company noticed on the web.

Should I spend money on Google advertising? Should I get into Social media? Should I be e-mailing my clients?

The answer is “yes” to all of the above. However, you should take a moment and look at the type of product or service you are pedalling on the web to see where the best fit lies.

If you can answer in one of the following ways:

Our Stuff is Unique

Well, then you should be looking at launching an ad campaign on Facebook. FB is the worldwide hub for individual expression. It is the place where you can engage potential customers on a human level. If your product can be found on the shelves of big retailers, the perhaps you will have a harder time, finding that individual expression. It’s not impossible to do, but it will be more difficult.

We sell to Consumers

FB is a place for individuals to connect with friends. It is not the best place for businesses to sell to other businesses. You can grow the “pull” of your business by getting your product or service to become known by the end user, and then get those to request the items or service. The B2B is better done on LInkedIn.

Does B2B work for FB?

If you have a SOHO (small office or home office) then it can. Generally the more corporate your business appears, the less appealing it will look to those who are escaping work by going onto FB, – makes sense?

My Product is fun

The more fun your product is, the better its appeal will be on FB, because FB is fun! The fun side of your products can appeal to a person’s fun core identity and this will resonate with them. They like to express opinions and they like to play and socialise. If you sell personal improvement products that are hip, cool or trendy, FB will also be a great fit. If, on the flip side, your product is technical academic and complex, it may be more difficult to resonate with your FB community.

In closing, I would recommend that you leave the Adwords for now and test your business for Facebook Advertising. It is cheaper than Adwords and you can super focus your offering. But remember that you are in business to make a buck. You need to invest a buck to get a customer who will spend 2 bucks on your product or service. Liking posts is great. Interacting with people is great, but it is all time consuming and will not guarantee that your bottomline will grow your company.

I will be posting more on FB advertising in the days to come.


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