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I was driving home the other day, and was thinking about the advice that I have given to various people in my trade.  I thought about the myriad of sites and advice blogs and e-books that are out there. I get so confused. So, if the noise is increasing by the day, how about having a look at this little set of instructions that may be of help. I know that these have become a mantra to me.
Focus your thinking – Plan to Dominate – There are so many niches, carve out your niche and plan to dominate. Bring your own bucket – Mental categories are made by us humans. We have a mental bucket that we fill up with brands. Most of us have about 7 brands that we can put into our brain buckets. (E.g. AVIS, HERTZ) Imagine that each brain bucket can only keep about 7 brands. To be bucket number one, it is better to be first than it is to be better. Better products don’t win, the ones that are first into the mind, will win. If you are first into the bucket, then you will be there first. Create your own category to promote.
Laser Niche – All niches diverge and become multiple niches. Computers became desktop computers, became laptop computers, became netbooks, and each time there is a divergence and a new category is created and a new leader will emerge. When desktops came out, IBM was the go to company. Laptops came and Dell owned the category. When Microsoft, did search, they should have beaten everyone. Google beat them. Microsoft was not accepted, because it was known for software. Google should have been number one in video. 
Create your own niche. Draw the circle around the category. Make sure that it is a niche and a desire that your customer has. 
Individual think – Most people aspire to coming across as a big fancy company. People no longer want to buy from big organizations. Nowadays people want to buy from humans, individuals. It’s not traffic/eyeballs/monetize. There is a human being sitting in front of the pc. Most people will have low self-esteem, feel disconnected, and have .75 real friends. 
Customer Avatar – You need to imagine that all of your customers, if you could put them all together into a big group. Imagine projecting them out and them becoming one person who is the representative. This person may be a man, someone who has irrational fears, etc., stack the characteristics on top of one another and flush out an image/avatar, so that you are talking to the things that are the same in your customers. You may want to talk to them about for instance being overweight. If you talk about music, there is a disconnect, because they will not feel spoken to. Only speak to the attributes that your customer has in common. Give him or her a name. There is an individual whom you get to know. You need to be talking right to your customer. 
You need to create a business avatar of yourself – script the conversation in your mailing lists. Draw a timeline and figure out how long the relationship is going to be with your customer. From first transaction to last transaction. Script out what the conversation will be. Write it all down. Then automate the one to one conversation. Use Aweber or get Response etc., and automate. It has to feel like a two way conversation. You can send newsletters that are advice, mailbags, interactive conversation. The mails you are sending are representative of your Avatar. Your customers feel like there is a one to one conversation going on. 
Become attractive – You have to look aspirational. Become a person that other people want to be around and then everything will work. When you talk your customer into wanting what you are saying, at some level you are saying that they should not want this. Really good interaction never begs. Chet Holmes will call until they die. You have to make them feel like they are lucky that they found you. Become attractive
Design is critical – Look at an Apple store, study Steve Jobs. Study them, read their books, look at what they do. Look at the Mac Website. The best designers in the world are designing there.
Stick to simplicity – Attention to detail.
Have dominant visual element. The first thing that they look at must be the biggest boldest significant thing on the page. Follow eye gravity. We are trained to look from top left to right bottom. 
Use one Font 
Hard left alignment. They type and pictures look a lot more professional. This is more trustworthy
Use contrast – If you are going to contrast, use high contrast.
Colors – use two or maximum of three colors
Design matters and lets you trust or not trust. 
Move the Freeline –Traditionally, the relationship with your customer over time, first there is something for free, then a sale, then a higher priced product, then a continuity product, i.e. a much higher priced product.
The internet is giving the previously expensive stuff away for free. 
You can now move the relationship depth line too. When you give away more stuff, this opens up the funnel. You have to give your best stuff away first.
Action Steps 
  • Install Google analytics on your site. – It is very powerful and it is free. You can see metrics for free
  • Set up an affiliate program – Get others to sell your stuff for you and pay them on a results basis
  • Learn Google Adwords
  • Set up an optin page
  • Get an email auto response system
  • Read emails, customer service posts, know what the customers are saying.
Steps to grow fast 
  • Hire people from direct sales experience and they will figure it out
  • Put Google Analytics onto your site
  • Get into the web stats
  • Get the feedback quicker
  • Manage the metrics
So the next time you find yourself standing in the main road of a dusty western internet town, and the tumble weeds are blowing over your boots, and you don’t know if you or Google are going to be faster on the draw, remember the above advice, and you may just walk away …. this time… LOL


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