The Most Overlooked Website Design Basics

  The following post was nice, because like its advice about websites, you should keep it simple. In the online world, sub-par design just doesn’t cut it anymore. Sixty-four percent of shoppers say a website’s shoddy design have deterred them from completing an online purchase. […]

Digital Jungle internet survival continued

I was driving home the other day, and was thinking about the advice that I have given to various people in my trade.  I thought about the myriad of sites and advice blogs and e-books that are out there. I get so confused. So, if […]

12 Rules in the Digital Jungle!

  It’s a jungle out there. Every day, new approaches to digital marketing are being formulated, and the curve is exponential. The trick is not to be intimidated by the myriad of ideas and methodologies out there. Pick one, work it out. Go deep with […]
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