12 Rules in the Digital Jungle!


It’s a jungle out there. Every day, new approaches to digital marketing are being formulated, and the curve is exponential. The trick is not to be intimidated by the myriad of ideas and methodologies out there. Pick one, work it out. Go deep with it. Then move on. Invest 80% on the mindset and 20% on the mechanics. If you understand theory, you can create a million methodologies.


Why talk about marketing on-line? 

It is growing very rapidly. Projections are up for internet advertising. Traditional media is down. Marketing is moving online. Off-line is shrinking. Social media is a really big deal. Learning internet marketing is the road to success. In the past, it was harder for little companies to bootstrap. If you learn how to take advantage of internet marketing you will be successful. If you ignore this, you will wake up in five years, you will be left behind. Commit to mastering it as your priority.


  1. What’s the same, what is not going to change?

Human nature. There is a million year old self that lives within all of us. If you want to think like a marketing genious, you have to think irrationally. People don’t buy a Mercedes because it is a rational decision. They buy a Merc, because their emotions are telling them that they will become whatever Mercedes represents to them.

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  1. Professional sales and marketing has not changed.

The old techniques are all totally relevant. All of the old stuff is an analogy of what will work for the future. Study the classics


  1. Marketing execution is all that matters.

The experts are successfull because they chose a discipline and went deep with it. They stuck with it. Take one idea; get all the juice out of it before going on to the next one. It’s easy to win in business, because most people don’t stick with it.


  1. What is changing?

Increasing noise… Like when you are driving a car and there is radio noise on the radio. This is frustrating. Now we are being bombarded. This is leading to shortening attention spans. We are becoming the snack culture. We want to nibble and not stick with something for very long. Niches are increasing and this is where a lot of opportunities are arising. More value is being given away for free, than ever before.


  1. New ParadigmsThe power is moving to individuals.

In the old days it was corporations. You got miners, then producers, then sellers and now the evolution has brought the power to individuals. Individuals are becoming more powerful. There are more self-made millionaires come out of nowhere and are doing things that never existed a few years ago. Loads of opportunity.


  1. Technology has become marketing. 

We can use automated systems to create conversations with customers. Marketing and technology is the same thing. Invest in technology. Marketing is becoming an interaction. It is no longer a one way dialogue. Alwen Toffler, the guy that wrote Future Shock coined a phrase called pro-suming. Customers want to have some input in the creation of a product. Customers have great ideas and they know what they want.

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  1. New Vocabulary

Relevance – This was brought onto the scene by Google. Larry and Sergei built a search engine that pointed at where people were already looking. We are moving from a shot-gun approach to a rifle approach. People know what they are looking for. Search queries are getting longer. People are starting to learn that more words give a more intelligent answer. This challenges us to ask what it is that they want, and to hone in on that emotional hot button. If your communication is not relevant, they won’t hear you.


  1. Reputation

With the internet, everything is forever! Good and bad news are on the internet to stay. There are algorithms that can decide who wrote text. Don’t make short term decisions in public that are stupid. Don’t say things that you wish you did not say. Reputation is looked at by Google. If your site has been online for years, Google will place you higher. Email reputation is also very important. A domain name that you were mailing from could have been blacklisted and this will hurt your reputation now.


  1. Transparency

We want to see everything that is going on. Jo public will figure it out. There are loads of sites that are popping up, that will give your entire work history at a glance. They are going to find out anyway. Feature your weakness. Show your flaws, People are more comfortable dealing with someone who is imperfect, than someone who says that “I did not sleep with that woman”


10.  Immediacy

Fast does not mean fast anymore, it means NOW. Overnight shipping literally happens overnight. If you send a mail to customer service, you kind of want a response in real time. It’s like the Zen of human instant gratification. Think through that people want to feel that this is part of an experience. They are not just a number out there.

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11.  Iteration

New iterations are happening more rapidly. Try a lot of stuff, find what works, and then do a lot of that and keep improving. Testing, tweaking and improving… Iterate fast! It’s in the DNA to iterate.


12. Find Marketing Channels

Commit to finding out how it works and then really get into it. Work it hard.

  • Affiliate marketing
  • SEO, SEM
  • Video marketing – a big deal. UTube is the 2nd biggest search engine online. There is immediacy, conversation, connection.
  • E-Mail Marketing – Get good at writing powerful communications and set up lists
  • Targeted online media -You can set up your Google account to find out who in what country is looking at your page where and when.
  • Social Media – It’s new and huge already. The adoption rate is ridiculous.


What to do about the above?

All of these represent huge opportunity. Traditional big company executives are freaked out. Each new channel represents a multi million dollar business opportunity for your niche. Figure out just one channel, and get it and you will be powerful. Start right now, and FIGURE IT OUT!

The really successful people have picked a channel and commit to figuring it out and you will be like the one eyed man in the land of the blind.


You have to sit quietly, (or with music if you like) and follow through the steps and really just go “figure it out”


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